Bus information


Under Ministry of Education rules, only children who live further than 3.2 km from school are entitled to travel to and from school by bus.  Children closer than 3.2 km to school may be collected and returned at the discretion of the contractor (provided there is room on the bus on any particular day).

Children on bus lists are required to notify the school if they are going home by other transport. Children may catch the bus on a casual basis provided that a dated note is received from the parent/caregivers.

Makarora Rd / Butler Rd Bus families must ring Karl 8565779 if your child is not going on the bus in the mornings and Gwavas Bus run must ring or text  Belinda on 0273 306414

There are two school bus runs:

a)      Makarora Rd / Butler Rd – Leaves Tikokino at about 8.15am and arrives at school about 8.50am.

(Up Holden’s Rd and back to Highway 50 then along Highway 50 and around Butler’s Rd, then via Tikokino Rd to school )

The afternoon run is the same as this.

b)      Gwavas – Leaves from the top of Mathieson Rd at about 8.15am and arrives back at school at about 8.50am.

(Mathieson Rd – Highway 50 to Gwavas Stn – return along Highway 50 to school)

After school both bus runs leave at 3.00pm.

Children who travel by bus are expected to behave in a sensible manner at all times so as not to distract the driver and / or endanger others.